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CCSB - Company Profile

Founded in 1980, CCSB spent its formative years carrying out electrical installation work (primarily for the NSW Department of Public Works & Services) at sewage pump stations and treatment works.

> By mid 1990 the company had expanded operations to include the manufacture of outdoor and indoor kiosks and indoor motor control centres for both sewage and water pump stations.

> In 1993, CCSB began to manufacture a range of type tested motor control centres and main switchboards. The business name, Central Coast Switchboards, was registered at that time.

> In recent years the company has carried out control panel designs and manufacture for Uniserve, Baker Process and Continental Ace for installation at various mine sites.

> CCSB now boasts a staff of 18 fulltime employees at its West Gosford plant. The company's annual turnover for the financial year 2001/02 was $4.6M.

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and Credentials...

>CCSB is registered as an approved switchboard manufacturer and installer for the NSW Department of Public Works and Services in Sydney and Newcastle;

> has gained acceptance by the Sydney Water Corporation for various projects;

> is an approved subcontractor for the Hunter Water Corporation.

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